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SCHEDULE AN INTERVIEW If you’re motivated, ambitious, enjoy working with people, want to be on the NUMBER 1 team, have personal integrity to keep your commitment and aren’t a grouch – call us. We offer more than any other real estate company in the area and if you’re not licensed, we can show you how to get your license in a hurry. Once you’re licensed and come on board, we offer free in-house training with the opportunity to explore a nationwide training program.


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SCHEDULE AN INTERVIEW  We incorporate information from the top real estate trainers and speakers in the country into our in-house training program. People like Tom Hopkins, Floyd Wickman, Roger Butcher that have been successful in the industry and gone on to be vastly successful in the training field.


When a new agent comes in we pair them with an experienced agent for a period of time to help them “get their feet wet.”


The most advanced and spacious marketing facility in the area. Our location has more drive-by traffic than any other office in the industry.


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