Thank you for your interest in the Cookeville region, please allow us to introduce you to the many things we have to offer.

Those of us who live here are fortunate to live among people of varied and interesting backgrounds, people of good will who demonstrate a strong sense of community and simple courtesy, and gracious southern hospitality to go with it.

Cookeville is nationally recognized for its livability. We rank wonderfully in terms of cost of living, crime rate, health care, leisure services, and climate. Cookeville is rated among America’s most affordable cities in which to live and retire.

Without a doubt the area’s most powerful attraction is its quality of life. To live here is to become a part of a vibrant community with traditional values and excellent services.

Moving to a new area can be an exciting adventure if you have the appropriate information available. We hope the web page makes your move easier. American Way is looking forward to working with your family in the search for your new home.




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