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Relocating to the Cookeville Area?

As with all aspects of the real estate industry, American Way Real Estate Co., Inc. has taken the lead in Relocation. If you are planning a move, you can have confidence in knowing American Way’s experienced REALTORS are on the job.

Because of our past experience in helping relocate thousands of families to the Cookeville area, we are aware of your concerns. Our associates combine their knowledge with an understanding of your family’s needs to help you select the right home and neighborhood for your lifestyle. From golf course condominiums to Middle Tennessee farms, we can show you all types of properties in all price ranges and areas, and help you arrange financing.

All families have different requirements, our associates will research and obtain information on special services such as classroom curriculum, childcare facilities, extended care, or medical facilities. If desired we can also provide information on hotel accommodations for your house-hunting trip.

Cookeville and the Upper Cumberlands make up a beautiful and exciting area. We are proud of the area and our company’s reputation for providing the finest in real estate service.

Let Us Help You…

Whether for you as an individual or for your company’s transferred employees, American Way Real Estate Co., Inc. is prepared to make this important move comfortable, smooth and problem free.

  • A full-time staff of more than 59 REALTORS available to ensure your successful move to Cookeville.
  • The sales associate assigned to you is specially selected and trained to assist newcomers. The selection of your agent is based on their knowledge and customer compatibility. He or she is acutely aware of the Cookeville residential market and can show you all types of properties in all price ranges and areas.
  • Our agents can show you the city with local insight to help you become acclimated to the Cookeville way of life.
  • Upon request, spouses can be referred to an independent employment specialist who will counsel and provide job resource information.

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